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"And, behold, I come quickly." - Jesus Christ (Revelation 22:12)

Information About Family Camp

Family Camp 2017 Brochure/Registration


The dates for Family Camp 2017 are September 28 - October 1. If planning to attend, please register by September 1st. Thank you!


Family Camp FAQ:


Is Family Camp only for families?

No. We welcome anyone that can come, regardless of whether they have a family to bring along or not.


When does it start?

Check-in begins Thursday, Sep. 29, at 3:00pm inside the dining room hall. Dinner is at 4:45pm, and the evening service begins at 7:00pm.


Will I be able to get audio copies of the messages?

Lord willing, the camp messages will be available for download from and At some point we hope to have the messages available on this website.


What is the music like?

Each evening at 6:30pm there will be prelude music performed by a string and brass orchestra. Our worship music is simple, hymns with piano accompaniment. If you have a musical instrument and you are interested in joining the prelude music please ask for more information when you register for camp.


What are the lodgings like?

There are dorm rooms (each one sleeps 10-12 people), hotel units (sleeps 1-3), and a few cabins (sleep 6-8). These rooms contain a minimum of furnishings (bunk beds with twin size mattresses, a mirror, and a shelf), so please bring any additional furnishings (including camp chairs) that you may want, to make your stay more comfortable. All cabins and dorms have electricity and contain a heating/air conditioning unit. Families in dorms will each have their own room; however, the centrally located restrooms (men's and women's, respectively) with showers will be shared. Linens are not provided so please bring bedding (including sheets), towels, and washcloths. Camping in tents or RV's is also available. Just remember it is September and the weather can be chilly.


What about clothing?

Weather in Southwest MO, in October, is usually mild and pleasant. Sweaters are nice for chilly mornings, but afternoons can get warm, so it's good to pack appropriately. Our desire at Maranatha is to pursue holy excellence in all matters of practical living. This would include the areas of our clothing. We ask that everyone dress modestly and to the glory of our Creator God, unto Whom we live and are set apart."


What about child care?

Since this is a family camp we encourage families to stay together for the morning and evening services. However, there is the occasional little one that just cannot handle the long services. There is a nearby building with toys for babies and toddlers and we plan to have an audio feed to a building across the street from the worship center where children can play quietly while caretakers listen to the service. Additionally, there will also be a speaker outside of the worship center for those who prefer to stay outside with your child.


What kind of activities are there for my children?

In the afternoon there will be volleyball, football, basketball, kickball, canoe rides on Saturday, ping-pong, etc. It is a great place to bring bikes and scooters; however, helmets are recommended.


What about mobile phones/devices?

We ask that mobile phones and devices be used with much discretion and only when necessary. Use these few days to seek wholeheartedly after God and to spend time building family relationships and edifying one another. Don't let these modern day devices distract you and others from this purpose.


Will I be able to help with dishes?

Yes! And there will also be other areas that you can help out with including meal preparation, snacks, kitchen and dining room cleanup, dish pit duty, childcare (helping busy mothers), etc... One of the fun parts of camp is working together; it is a blessing to be involved in and it is a blessing to everyone else. Sign-up sheets will be available in the dining hall. Is there anything else I can do to help? If you can contribute to the evening snack time, we greatly appreciate donations of fruit, cookies and other home baked goods.


More questions? Email us at

You can also call Elisabeth Ueland at 417-827-2812.

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